Portrait of J, 45.5x45.5cm, Ink on canvas, 2013

Lucas Redondo Bonet 작가노트


With this exhibition I want to develop the Idea of showing the whitest surface that I can possible produce. I tried to create a very clean and bright atmosphere to depict each object. This pure white of the background negates the possibility of distraction, by force addressing the eye of the beholder to its center. My carefully executed white is for me of great importance, and it is prepared with the same care and attention that the objects are painted, as for using the pure white, the negation of all colors, I want to imply my personal sense of beauty, confronting it with the main motives.

As for the motives of my paintings, they are mostly extracted from my close reality: I depicted doors, windows, or small objects that I am used to interact with, in my daily live. However the way that I view this daily objects, is full of fascination and respect for them: they are consecrated, transformed into small realities, charged with as much of my subjective feelings as my brushes can convey. And they are presented to the beholder naked from any landscape. So they are, all the doors and windows, and the rest of the motives, are left exposed in the middle of the canvas, naked of any relationship with other objects or landscape, of any context. They are isolated. Their imperfections and deterioration is confronted with the perfection of the white. In isolation, they are set to depict various moods: feelings of loneliness, aspirations and transcendence. Alone, without a context, are left to be containers of their own reality, made from scars and rust.